The Ginot Ha’Ir Community Council currently operates a Hebrew website. Here you will be able to find basic information about the Community Council. Many of our activities are suitable for English speakers or people with limited Hebrew. The Ginot Ha’Ir News Letter is fully translated into English.

If you have questions please contact us at 02-5664144 ext 0


:Information in English on some of our programs

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Who Are We ?

The Ginot Ha’Ir Community Council serves 50,000 residents form the German Colony, Greek Colony, Rehavia, Talbiya, Katamon,  Yemin Moshe, Kiryat Shmuel and Nayot neighborhoods. The community council works towards shaping a pluralistic community in Jerusalem building its programs around imparting values of responsibility and involvement in all parts of the community. The Community Council is a place of vibrant activity, culture and community that serves the residents of the nearby neighborhoods as well as all residents of Jerusalem through its branches – Beit Yehudit (the new ICCY),

 address: Rechavia (38 Ussishkin) and Nayot (Nayot 66) as well as various programs and festivals that take place all over the community




Aliyah and Absorption in Ginot Ha’Ir

Welcome to the Ginot Ha’Ir Community Council! In addition to our hugim, urban planning, cultural activities, etc., we provide services for over 2500 new olim in the area. Edna Bismut, our absorption (or olim) coordinator is a native English speaker and an olah herself. She is well versed in the ins and outs of the absorption process here in Jerusalem. If you need help finding out about your rights, learning about the community, or have any other absorption related questions, feel free to contact Edna Bismut at edna@ginothair.org.il or you can call or send her a WhatsApp at 050-6202441. 


Stay in touch:

WhatsApp – Moshavot English Updates

WhatsApp – Katamon English Updates

Facebook – Olim of Ginot Ha’Ir (English)


Bienvenue au conseil communataire Ginot Ha’Ir ! En plus des activités, amménagements urbains, activités culturels, etc..., nous fournissons des services à plus de 2500 olims hadachim dans le quartier. Edna Bismut, notre coordinatrice d'intégration est anglophone et olah elle-même. Elle connait bien les tenants et aboutissants du processus d'intégration ici à Jérusalem. Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour prendre connaissance de vos droits, en apprendre plus sur la communauté, ou que vous avez n'importe quelle autre question concernant l'intégration, n'hésitez pas à contacter Edna Bismut à l'adresse edna@ginothair.org.il, ou bien appeler ou envoyer un WhatsApp au 050-6202441.


Restez en contact:

Ginot Ha'Ir Community Council's Vision


  1. The Community Council will express the involvement, partnership, responsibility, and community leadership of the residents of Ginot Ha'Ir and will be the main leveraging organization for the existence of a lively, active and involved civil society.
  2. The Community Council will operate and manage a wide system of high quality, equal and accessible leisure, social, cultural, educational services in accordance with the vision and needs of the community and in coordination and partnership with the municipality.
  3. The Community Council will work to nurture the area of Ginot Ha'Ir's neighborhoods as a core urban area that is essential and sustainable. The community council will ensure quality of life and high maintenance for Ginot Ha'Ir's neighborhoods, preserving the historic character and unique nature of the area, advancing sustainability, community gardening and "City Green" as a platform to promote quality of life and community.
  4. The Community Council will nurture "community activity and organization" as a principal value and will cultivate a culture of involved community responsibility for weaker populations. The community council will work to strengthen communities in Ginot Ha'Ir's neighborhoods to provide for and answer their unique needs, and to promote shared community spaces.
  5. The Community Council will work to create and cultivate a diverse cultural and community space for all the communities operating in the area and to strengthen the pluralistic character of Ginot Ha'Ir.
  6. The Community Council will work to strengthen its neighborhoods, the core urban neighborhoods, as an attractive place for families, especially young families as a high priority community and city interest. Leading urban and community renewal processes that will allow the absorption of another 1000 young families to the area. The community council will work to strengthen and promote educational, community and public infrastructure as a necessary component of this.




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Opening Hours

The Office is Open Sunday - Thursday between 08:30 – 18:00
We are happy to help with any issue! 02-5664144 ext. 0





Ginot Ha'Ir Team



Dear residents, you are invited to contact the council's team, we are happy to help with any issue, for general inquires please email: info@ginothair.org.il


shaike@ginothair.org.il Director of the Community Council Shaike El Ami
natali@ginothair.org.il Deputy Director of the Community Council, Director of Beit Yehudit Natali Pickholtz
mirit@ginothair.org.il Director of Accounting Mirit Remez
alex@ginothair.org.il Director of Youth Department Alex Astrinski
efrat@ginothair.org.il Head of Community Department & Director of Katamon-Kiryat -Shmuel Community Center Efrat Givaty
rivki@ginothair.org.il Director of Ussishkin Community Center Rivki Buchsbaum
smadi@ginothair.org.il Director Of Nayot Community Center, and Special Needs Coordinator Smadi Cohen Rosenfeld
hana@ginothair.org.il Community worker and accessibility coordinator Hana Morino
elias@ginothair.com Urban planner Elias Messinas
aliza@ginothair.org.il Director of Seniors Aliza Malul
time@ginothair.org.il Time bank and volunteer coordinator Yiscah Haran
tomer@ginothair.org.il Maintenance manager Tomer Dado
yaron@ginothair.org.il Community security coordinator Yaron Mizrachi
mahapah.yarok@gmail.com Green revolution Dvir Bondak
talyaregev@ginothair.org.il Katamon-Kiryat Shmuel community coordinator & senior coordinator Talya Regev Rabinowitz
hugim@ginothair.org.il Chugim and sport coordinator Tali Storolovitz
gilrach@ginothair.org.il Early childhood coordinator Tamar Grunfeld
tzaronim1@ginothair.org.il Afternoon activity coordinator Ortal Sharon
tzaronim@ginothair.org.il Afternoon activity coordinator Adi Yehuda
yael@ginothair.org.il Cultural activity coordinator Yael Gamon
edna@ginothair.org.il Absorption coordinator Edna Bismut
luna@ginothair.org.il Morning and afternoon secretary Luna Golan
barbara@ginothair.org.il Afternoon secretary Barbara Telesoff
shoshi@ginothair.org.il Morning secretary & room placement coordinator Shoshi Yehie
tali@ginothair.org.il Morning secretary Tali Storolovitz
lidya@ginothair.org.il Secretary Lidya Admon
aczaka@ginothair.org.il Maintenance Faiz Awad
aczaka@ginothair.org.il Maintenance Muhammad Awad