English-Speaking Urban Forum

The English-Speaking Urban Forum of Ginot Ha'ir


Ginot Ha'Ir Community Council encompasses historic neighborhoods, each with a unique character. A city is never static instead cities are in a constant state of change and development. From a desire to see the development of public spaces that will maintain the special character and community life of these neighborhoods Ginot Ha'Ir has set a goal that urban improvement and renewal will be carried out together with the public, including the residents as much as possible in all planning stages.    

Ginot Ha'Ir Community Councils deals with many issues in the urban space, subjects such as development and preservation, community buildings, open public spaces, traffic congestion, and parking problems. The Community Council works closely with the municipality to present its plans to residents and provides the relevant parties at the municipality with the residents' position on these plans and other urban issues.

The Urban Forum is managed by the Community Council's urban planner Architect Elias Messinas.

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You can contact Elias regarding joining the Urban Forum or community urban issues at elias@ginothair.org.il


The English-Speaking Urban Forum meets once per month at the last Sunday, at 20:00.

The meetings take place on ZOOM or at Beit Yehudit, at Emek Refaim 12, Jerusalem.


Summaries of the English-Speaking Urban Forum meetings:


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